Coffee breaks and doodles

I am very busy this summer but  is necessary to make a short break to share some fun things.
This is my collab for the site DripforDrip
Wijtze invited me to be featured on Drip a Doodle, a new space where they ask me to go out of my studio and did quick doodles whilst enjoy a coffee. I cannot deny this because all of you know I love drawing and sketching. Indeed breaks are necessary all the time, if you want to keep your mind open and creative. My favourite part of the work as illustrator is the time to draw without briefs and external ideas and play in my sketchbooks. So, this is  the result of my collab.  Enjoy my doodles for DripforDrip
Can you tell us a little bit about your doodle?  The characters are a miscellany. I love to grab a takeaway drink and sit in the park and look around me. In the last year I feel more interested in making basic, geometric shapes with watercolour and ink spots. Then I complete these spots with lines and patterns to create the characters. When someone seems interesting in any way (face, outfit, attitude ) this person becomes part of my "permanent character collection". This is the reason the doodles are similar. I love people with different glasses or hats, people who aren't trendsetters, timeless, like a character from a great novel.